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Friend Of Mine
I can't find Nico.
The last time I called home-around two hours ago-he was there, but he isn't now. His coat and boot are gone, so I know he's not in the house (I've lost him inside before...don't ask.). And it's not like I have an empathy link with him, so I can't contact him in any way, since neither of us have cell phones.
And just to make everything more complicated, there's a blizzard in the weather forecast. So I have to find him before the weather gets colder, and before it gets any darker.
The only good thing about this situation is that my mom and Paul aren't here, so they don't have to worry.
I zip my coat up and go outside.
"He hasn't been here?"
The guy behind the desk in the arcade shakes his head.
I sigh. "Okay, thanks."
I walk back outside, were the wind is blowing harder and the snow is coming down faster. Nico isn't anywhere; not the arcade, not that creepy comic book store he likes to hang out at, heck, I even checked the morgue to see if he was raising the dead aga
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Don't let this Journal skin fool you...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 10:41 PM
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Isn't is cute? Doesn't it make your heart all warm and melty? Well...guess what! I'm sort of evil, and I'm going to write a short, depressing fic to neutralize the cuteness.

His toes hang over the edge of the cliff, and he steps closer. Soon, he is only tethered by his heels, and he is on the edge.

It is a feeling that he knows, and knows well. The wind is rushing around him, nudging him forward, but he can't hear it ruffling the snow-white hair around his ears. No matter how large and soft and pretty they are, they have never heard anything. He has been deaf since birth, so, he reckons, he has never heard his mother's heartbeat, as others have.

He shuffles a little closer to the edge, unfazed by the wind, which, oddly, contrasts the way he has been for the full fifteen years that he existed. He rocks on the balls of his feet, suddenly giddy and giggling, a sound that he can feel and not hear. It's ALWAYS like this, teetering and disorienting. HE doesn't know what to do, how to fit in, not with the other nekos. He doesn't like the way they look at him when he talks (he doesn't know why they stare so), so he doesn't talk. He can't hear when they sneak up to tease, to torment, to humiliate, so he steers clear of them, stays high in trees, where he feels safe.

Nobody seems to like him, not the way that they like each other. They don't smile and laugh...well, they do, but it's different. Odd. The smiles are mixed with something that he didn't understand fully until today. Resentment. Anger. Hate. And satisfaction.

As he stares down into the sheer drop, seeing the turbulent surface upon which he will land, he feels the same, satisfaction the most. He doesn't know why dying will help, he just knows that it will. He slides one foot back, dropping into a crouch before he leaps high into the air, into the nothingness in front of him, with the certainty that this one action will fix everything.

As he meets his death, he leaves the silent world for a silence that is much more welcoming.

Yeah, that came out of nowhere. The main character is a neko with pale skin, white fur and pale blue eyes, and that's why he's deaf. My neko, by the way, tend to have cat ears and tails, and their skin may or not be the same colour as their fur. It depends on the fic, really, and I'm still tweaking with the rules to see how much cat I want to put into them. By the way, the MC? He has no name because he doesn't know his. He's never heard it.

skin by WikiME
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You lose! GOOD DAY SIR!!
Artist | Student | Literature
Okay. I'm a photographer and I enjoy writing for fun and for other people. I will add more later, because I'm in school and my teacher won't really be happy if she catches me. In the absence of more words, feel free to look at and squee over this picture of my unhappy kitty.

Current Residence: A tiny town in Canada
Favourite genre of music: Hip-hop/rap, and pretty much anything but 'OMG my ears are bleeding!' music
Favourite photographer: Me
Favourite style of art: Photagraphy and painting
Operating System: Toshiba (finally fixed!!)
MP3 player of choice: iPod (named Douglas)
Skin of choice: Freckled...or are we not talking about human skin?
Favourite cartoon character: Prowl from TFA (subject to change)
Personal Quote: Sarcasm is just another service we offer, sir. It comes with the ass-kicking.


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